To make Pork Hams


Take a fine fat hind Quarter of Pork, and cut off a fine Ham, take an Ounce of Salt-petre, a Pound of coarse Sugar, and a Pound of common Salt; mix all together, and rub it well; let it lye a Month in this Pickle, turning and bailing it every Day; then hang it in Wood-smoke, as you do your Beef, then in a dry Place, so as no Heat comes to it; and if you keep them long, hang them a Month or two in a damp Place, so as they will be mouldy, and it will make them cut fine and short. Never lay these Hams in Water till you boil them, and then boil them in a Copper, if you have one, or the biggest Pot you have. Put them in the cold Water, and let them be four or five Hours before they boil, skim the Pot well often, till it boils; and if it is a very large one, two Hours will boil it; or a small one, an Hour and half will do, provided it be a great while before the Water boils. Take it up half an Hour before Dinner, pull off the Skin, and throw Raspings finely sifted all over, and hold a red hot Fire-shovel over it; and when Dinner is ready, take a few Raspings in a Sieve, and sift all over the Dish; then lay in your Ham, and with your Finger make fine Figures round the Edge of the Dish. But be sure to boil your Ham in as much Water as you can, and to keep it skimming all the time till it boils. It must be at least four Hours before it boils.

This Pickle does finely for Tongues afterwards, to lye in the Pickle a Fortnight, and hang in the Wood-smoke a Fortnight, or boil them out of the Pickle.

Yorkshire is famous for Hams; and the Reason is this: Their Salt is much finer than ours in London it is a large clear Salt, and gives the Meat a fine Flavour. I used to have it in Essex from. Malding and that Salt will make any Ham as fine as you can desire; it is by much the belt Salt for faking Meat. A deep hollow Wood-tray is better than a Pan, because the Pickle swells best about it.

When you broil any of these Hams in Slices or Bacon, have some boiling Water ready, and let the Slices lay a Minute or two in the Water, then broil them, it takes out the Salt, and makes them eat finer.