To Pickle Wallnuts Black


Take large full-grown Nuts at their full Growth, before they are hard, lay them in Salt and Water, with a little Piece of Allum. Let them lye two Days, then shift them into fresh Water, let them lye two Days longer, then shift them again, and let them lye three Days; then take them out of the Water, and put them into your Pickling-pot. When the Pot is half full, put in a larg Onion stuck thick with Cloves; to a hundred of Wallnuts, put in Half a Pint of Mustard-seed, a quarter of an Ounce of Mace, half an Ounce of black Pepper, and half an Ounce of All-spice, Six Bay-leaves, a Stick of Horse-reddish, then fill your Pot, and pour boiling Vinegar over them. Cover them with a Plate, and when they are cold, tye them down with a Bladder and Leather, and they will be fit to eat in two or three Months. The next Year, if any remains, boil up your Vinegar again and skim it; when cold, pour it over your Wallnuts. This is by much the best Pickle for use, there-fore you may add more Vinegar to it, what Quantity you please. If you pickle a great many Wallnuts, and cat them fast, make your Pickle for a hundred or two, the rest keep in a strong Brine of Salt and Water boiled till it will bear an Egg; and as your Pot empties, fill them up with those in the Salt and Water. Take care they are covered with Pickle.

In the same manner you may do a smaller Quantity. But if you can get rap Vinegar, use that instead of Salt and Water. Do them thus: Put your Nuts into the Pot you intend to pickle them in throw in a good Handful of Salt, a little Piece of Allum, and fill the Pot with rap Vinegar, cover it close, and let them stand a Fortnight; then pour them out of the Pot, wipe it clean, and just rub the Nuts with a coarse Cloth, put them in the Jar with the Pickle as above. If you have the best Sugar-Vinegar of your own makings you need not boil it the first Year, but pour it on cold; and the next Year, if any remain, boil it up again, skim it, and put fresh Spice to it, it will do again.