To pickle Gerkins


Take what Quantity of Cucumbers you think fit, and put them in a Stone-Jar, then take as much Spring-water as you think will cover them; To every Gallon of Water, put as much Salt as will make it bear an Egg, set it on the Fire, and let it boil two or three Minutes; then pour it on the Cucumbers, and cover them with a Pewter-dish, and over that a woollen Cloth, and tye them down close, and let them stand twenty-four Hours; then take them out, and lay them in a Cloth, and another over them to dry them. When they are pretty dry, wipe your Jar out with a dry Cloth, and put your Cucumbers in, and with them a little Dill and Fennel, a very small Quantity. For the Pickle, to every three Quarts of Vinegar, one Quart of Spring-water, till you think you have enough to cover them, put in a little Bay-fait and a little white Salt, not too much. To every Gallon of Pickle, put one Nutmeg cut in Quarters, a quarter of an Ounce of Cloves, a quarter of an Ounce of Mace, a quarter of an Ounce of whole Pepper, a large Race of Ginger sliced; boil all these together in a Bell-mettle or Copper-pot, pour it boiling hot on your Cucumbers, cover them as before. Let them stand two Days, then boil your Pickle again, and pour it on as before, and a third time, when they are cold, cover them with a Bladder, and then a Leather. Mind always to keep your Pickles close covered, and never take them out with any thing but a wooden Spoon, or one for the purpose. This Pickle will do the next Year, only boiling it up again.

You are to observe to put the Spice in the Jar with the Cucumbers, and only boil the Vinegar, Water and Salt, and pour over them. The boiling of your Spice in all Pickles spoils it, and loses ist fine Flavour of the Spice.