To pickle Peaches


Take your Peaches when they are at the full Growth, just before they turn to be ripe; be sure they are not bruised; then take Spring-water, as much as you think will cover them; make it soft enough to bear an Egg, with Bay and common Salt, an equal Quantity of each; then put in your Peaches, and lay a thin Board over them, to keep them under the Water; Let them stand three Days, and then take them out, and wipe them very carefully with a fine soft Cloth, and lay them in your Glass or Jar; then take as much White Wine Vinegar, as will fill your Gass or Jar: To every Gallon, put one Pint of the best well-made Mustard, two or three Heads of Garlick, a good deal of Ginger sliced, half an Ounce of Cloves, Mace, and Nutmegs; mix your Pickle well together, and pour over your Peaches. Tye them close with a Bladder and Leather, they will be fit to eat in two Months You may with a fine Penknife cut them across, take out the Stone, and fill them with made Mustard and Garlick, and Horse-reddish and Ginger; tye them together.