To pickle Reddish Pods


Make a strong Pickle with cold Spring-water and Bay-salt, strong enough to bear an Egg then put your Pods in, and lay a thin Board on them, to keep them under Water. Let them stand ten Days, then drain them in a Sieve, and lay them on a Cloth to dry; then take White Wine Vinegar, as much as you think will cover them, boil it, and put your Pods in a Jar, with Ginger, Mace, Cloves, and Jamaica Pepper. Pour your Vinegar boiling hot on, and cover them with a coarse Cloth, three or four times double, that the Steam may come through a little, and let them stand two Days. Repeat this two or three times; when it is cold, put in a Pint of Milliard-seed, and some Horse-reddish; cover it close.