Pickle for Mushrooms


Take a Gallon of the best Vinegar, put it into a cold Still. To every Gallon of Vinegar, put Half a Pound of Bay-salt, a quarter of an Ounce of Mace, a quarter of an Ounce of Cloves, a Nutmeg cut into Quarters, keep the Top of the Still covered with a wet Cloth. As the Cloth dries, put on a wet one; don’t let the Fire be too large, left you burn the Bottom of the Still. Draw it as long as you Taste the Acid, and no longer. When you fill your Bottles, put in your Mushrooms, and here and there put in a few Blades of Mace, and a Slice of Nutmeg; then fill the Bottle with Pickle, and melt some Mutton-fat, strain it, and pour over it. It will keep them better than Oil.

You must put your Nutmeg over the Fire in a little Vinegar, and give it a boil. While it is hot, you may slice it as you please. When it is cold, it will not cut; for it will crack to Pieces.