To pickle Samphire


Take the Samphire that is green, lay it in a clean Pan, throw two or three Handfuls of Salt over and cover it with Spring-water. Let it lye twenty-four Hours, then put it into a dean Brass Saucepan, throw in a Handful of Salt, and cover it with good Vinegar. Cover the Pan close, and set it over a very slow Fire; let it stand till it is just green and crisp, then take it off in a moment; for if it Hands to be soft, it is spoiled; put it in your Pickling-pot, and cover it close. When it is cold, tye it down with a Bladder and Leather, and keep it for use. Or you may keep it all the Year, in a very strong Brine of Salt and Water, and throw it into Vinegar just before you use it.