A Pretty Cake


Take five Pounds of Flour well dried, one Pound of Sugar, half an Ounce of Mace, and as much Nutmeg, beat your Spice very fine, mix the Sugar and Spice in the Flour, take twenty-two Eggs, leave out Six Whites, beat them, and put a Pint of Ale Yeast and the Eggs in the Flour, take two Pounds and half of fresh Butter, a Pint and half of Cream, set the Cream and Butter over the Fire, till the Butter is melted, let it stand till it is blood warm, before you put it into the Flour, set it an Hour by the Fire to rise, then put in seven Pounds of Currans, which must be plumped in Half a Pint of Brandy, and three quarters of a Pound of candied Peels. It must stand an Hour and quarter in the Oven. You must put two Pounds of chopped Raisins in the Flour, and a quarter of a Pint of Sack. When you put the Currans in, bake it in a Hoop.