French Biskets


Having a Pair of clean Scales ready, in one Scale, put three new-laid Eggs, in the other Scale put as much dried Flour, an equal Weight with the Eggs, take out the Flour, and as much fine Powder-sugar; first beat the Whites of the Eggs up well with a Whisk till they are of a fine Froth then whip in half an Ounce of candied Lemon-peel cut very thin and fine, and beat well, then by degrees whip in the Flour and Sugar, then slip in the Yolk, and with a Spoon temper it well together, then shape your Biskets on fine white Paper with your Spoon, and throw powdered Sugar over them. Bake them in a moderate Oven not too hot, giving them a fine Colour on the Top. When they are baked, with a fine Knife cut them off from the Paper, and lay them in Boxes for use.