Calves Foot Jelly


Boil two Calves Feet in a Gallon of Water, till it comes to a Quart, then strain it, let it stand till cold, skim off all the Fat clean, and take the Jelly up clean. If there be any Settling in the Bottom, leave it; put the Jelly into a Sauce pan, with a Pint of Mountain Wine, Half a Pound of Loaf-Sugar, the Juice of four large Lemons, beat up six or eight Whites of Eggs with a Whisk, then put them into the Sauce-pan, stir all together well till it boils. Let it boil a few Minutes; have ready a large Flannel Bag, pour it in, it will run through quick; pour it in again till it runs clear, then have ready a large China Bason, with the Lemon-peels cut as thin as possible, let the Jelly run into that Bason, and the Peels both gives it a fine Amber Colour, and also a Flavour; with a clean Silver Spoon fill your Glasses.