To make Oatmeal Flummery


Take some Oatmeal, put it into a broad deep Pan, then cover it with Water, stir it together, and let it stand twelve Hours, then pour off that Water clear, and put on a good deal of fresh Water, shift it again in twelve Hours, and so in twelve more; then pour off the Water clear, and strain the Oatmeal through a coarse Hair-sieve, and pour it into a Sauce-pan, keeping it stirring all the Time with a Stick till it boils and is very thick, then pour it into Dishes, when cold turn it into Plates, and eat it with what you please, either Wine and Sugar, or Beer and Sugar, or Milk; it eats very pretty with Cyder and Sugar.

You must observe to put a great deal of Water to the Oatmeal, and when you pour off the last Water, pour on just enough fresh 2s to strain the Oatmeal well. Some let it (land forty-eight Hours, some three Days, shifting the Water every twelve Hours; but that is as you love it for Sweetness or Tartness; Grotes once cut does better than Oatmeal. Mind to stir it together when you put in fresh Water.