To make a Hedge-Hog


Take two Pounds of blanched Almonds, beat them well in a Mortar with a little Canary and Orange flower Water, to keep them from oiling. Make them into stiff Paste, then beat in the Yolks of twelve Eggs, leave out five of the Whites, put to it a Pint of Cream, sweeten it with Sugar, put in Half a Pound of sweet Butter melted, set it on a Furnace or slow Fire, and keep it constantly stirring, till it is stiff enough to be made into the Form of an Hedge-Hog; then stick it full of blanched Almonds, flit and stuck up like the Bristles of a Hedge-Hog, then put it into a Dish, take a Pint of Cream, and the Yolks of four Eggs beat up, sweetned with Sugar to your Palate. Stir them together over a slow Fire till it is quite hot, then pour it round the Hedge-Hog in the Dish, and let it stand till it is cold, and serve it up.--Or a rich Calf’s Foot Jelly made clear and good, pour into the Dish round the Hedge Hog; and when it is cold, it looks pretty, and makes a pretty Dish; or looks pretty in the Middle of a Table for Supper.