To make Orange Wine with Raisins


Take thirty Pounds of new Malaga Raisins pick’d clean, chop them small, you mud -have twenty large Sevile Oranges, ten of them you must pare as thin as for preserving; boil about eight Gallons of soft Water till a third Part be consumed, let it cool a little, then put five Gallons of it hot upon your Raisins and Orange-peel, stir it well together, cover it up, and when it is cold let it stand five Days, stirring it up once or twice a Day, then pass it through a Hair-sieve, and with a Spoon press it as dry as you can, and put it up in a Runlet fit for it, and put to it the Rinds of the other ten Oranges, cut as thin as the first; then make a Syrrup of the Juices of the twenty Oranges with a Pound of white Sugar. It must be made the Day before you tun it up, stir it well together, and stop it close, let it Hand two Months to clear, then bottle it up. It will keep three Years, and is the better for keeping.