To make Vinegar

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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To every Gallon of Water, put a Pound of coarse Lisbon-sugar, let it boil, and keep skimming of it, as long as the Scum rises; then pour it into Tubs, and when it is as cold as Beer to work, toast a good Toast, and rub it over with Yeast. Let it work twenty-four Hours; then have ready a Vessel Iron-hooped, and well painted, fixed in a Place where the Sun has full power, and fix it so as not to have any Occasion to move it. When you draw it off, then fill your Vessel, lay a Tile on the Bung to keep the Dust out. Make it in March, and it will be fit to use in June or July. Draw it off into little Stone-Bottles the latter End of June or Beginning of July, and let it stand till you want to use, and it will never foul any more. But when you go to draw it off, and you find it is not four enough, let it stand a Month longer before you draw it off. For Pickles to go abroad, use this Vinegar alone; but in England* you will be obliged, when you pickle, to put one half cold Spring-water to it, and then it will be full four with this Vinegar. You need not boil, unless you please, for almost any Sort of Pickles, it will keep them quite good. It will keep Wallnuts very fine without boiling, even to go to the Indies; but then don’t put Water to it. For green Pickles, you may pour it Raiding hot on two or three times. All other Sorts of Pickles you need not boil it. Mushrooms only wash them clean, dry them, and put them into little Bottles, with a Nutmeg just Raided in Vinegar, and sliced (whilst it is hot) very thin, and a few Blades of Mace; then fill up the Bottle with the cold Vinegar and Spring-water, pour Mutton-Fat try’d over it, and tye a Bladder and Leather over the Top. These Mushrooms won’t be so white, but as finely tailed, as if they were just gathered; and a Spoonful of this Pickle will give Sauce a very fine Flavour. White Wallnuts, Suckers and Onions, and all white Pickles do in the same manner, after they are ready for the Pickle.