Gingery Pork Sauté

Shōga Yaki

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At Home with Japanese Cooking

At Home with Japanese Cooking

By Elizabeth Andoh

Published 1986

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I absolutely adore fresh ginger, and so do the Japanese, who use it in so many ways. Here its pungent aroma and flavor make this pork dish particularly appealing. Serve the dish with hot white rice, a clear soup and assorted sharp pickles or a green salad. Any leftover meat makes fine sandwich fillings, especially when accompanied by crisp lettuce leaves or cucumber slices.


  • ¾ pound lean pork
  • ½ teaspoon peeled and grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tablespoon saké (rice wine)
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • ¼ pound fresh snow peas or hakusai (Chinese cabbage)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil


Slice the meat bacon-thin (partially freezing the pork makes slicing easier). Make a marinade from the ginger, rice wine and soy sauce, and add the pork slices, one at a time to make sure they are evenly coated. Marinate the meat, turning occasionally, for 10–15 minutes.

Wash and pat dry the snow peas and string them if necessary. Or cut the cabbage across the stalks, into ¼–½-inch strips, rinse under cold water and drain well.

Heat the oil in a heavy cast-iron skillet and, separating the slices, sear the pork over medium heat in 2 or 3 batches if necessary until the color changes. Flip the slices over and sear again, removing them as they change color. Set the meat aside and sauté the snow peas or cabbage with fast stirring, flipping motions, adding a drop more oil to the skillet if necessary. Sauté the vegetables for 1–2 minutes (they should still be crisp) then transfer them to individual plates.

Return the pork all at once to the skillet, with whatever marinade and juices remain from the first searing. Sauté the pork over high heat, turning frequently, until it is well cooked and glazed (about 2–3 minutes). Serve the pork with the vegetables, either warm or at room temperature.

Note: After cooking, the skillet will look discouragingly encrusted with marinade. Just soak it immediately after using for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing it clean.