Homemade Syrups

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Back in the Day Bakery Made With Love

Back in the Day Bakery Made With Love

By Cheryl Day and Griffith Day

Published 2015

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When we say we make everything at the bakery by hand, we are not kidding: we even make the syrups for our drinks.

If you read the labels on the stuff that stocks the shelves of most grocery stores and coffee shops, it may surprise and even shock you. So I make syrups myself, which allows me to have control over the ingredients that are used. There is no need for syrup with mystery ingredients–thank you very much! You can be as creative as you like, and once you start making your own syrups, trust me, you will think of all kinds of flavor combinations.

These handcrafted syrups make our signature drinks at our coffee counter extra special. At home, they can give a special flair to your morning routine.

You can use syrups for everything from topping pancakes, French toast, and waffles to flavoring cakes. Or use them to make refreshing mocktails.