Furikake Focaccia


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  • A half

    sheet pan ( 12 inches by 17 inches )
    • Difficulty


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Baking With Licker: Home Baking With Asian Accents

Baking With Licker

By Jason Licker

Published 2020

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Focaccia, focaccia not. This gorgeously light and airy bread compels you to shove a whole piece directly in your mouth. Flat by nature with similarities to pizza dough, this Italian bread is a planetwide crowd-pleaser. Despite this global adulation, focaccia is actually very easy to make. As a focaccia purist, I love it when drizzled with incredible olive oil and sea salt. But having said that, you know I’m going to give it the ol’ Licker twist ‘n’ shout. So, I ditched the sea salt and sprinkled a generous amount of Japanese furikake on top of the proofed focaccia.

Furikake is a Japanese flavor bomb of dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate, carrying a robust umami flavor. This condiment is usually applied on top of cooked rice, fish, and vegetables, and in many ways, the flavor is pure Japan. However, you should think of focaccia as a neutral base. By using furikake, I am simply replacing a salty flavor for another salty flavor, so use your imagination and look outside the box for other possibilities. Just be sure that whatever you choose, the olive oil and the condiments should always be the driving flavors that you want to deliver.