Red Curry of Chicken

What an easy way to start making curries — you could even just buy a roast chook, cut the meat off the bone and warm it in the curry. Or stir-fry whatever meat, poultry or seafood you feel like and add the curry sauce. Make sure you taste as you go and that you find a nice balance; if you like it a little saltier, add some more fish sauce; if you want it hotter, fry the paste with about four crushed wild green chillies. I like to squeeze a lime over the curry at the end as it gives it a very fresh lift.


  • ½ master-stock chicken, boned and cut into 2 cm (¾ inch) chunks
  • 200 g (7 oz) red curry paste
  • 625 ml (21½ fl oz/2½ cups) coconut milk
  • 100 g (3½ oz) grated palm sugar (jaggery)
  • 4 tablespoons fish sauce
  • 125 ml (4 fl oz/½ cup) fresh chicken stock
  • 2 tomatoes, quartered
  • 4 kaffir lime leaves
  • 1 handful of sweet Thai basil leaves


Pour the coconut milk, curry paste, sugar and fish sauce into a pot and boil for 2 minutes. Add the chicken meat, stock, tomatoes and lime leaves and simmer gently for about 4 minutes to completely heat the chicken. Add the basil leaves immediately before serving.