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Balance and Harmony: Asian Food

by Neil Perry


Elegantly crafted by Australian MasterChef Neil Perry, this instructional cookbook will help you master the techniques of authentic Asian cooking. Perry offers full banquets of roasted, braised, steamed, and stir-fried dishes for any skill level. Practicing these simple recipes transforms novices into Asian cuisine experts.

from the publisher

In Balance and Harmony, Neil Perry revels in his love for Asian cooking.... The book is set out in the style of a cooking school by the Rockpool masterchef, progressing from the easiest steamed, stir-fried, braised and deep-fried dishes, to more challenging and intricate plates...the book is beautifully punctuated by a series of banquet ideas, ranging from the simplest to the most gloriously memorable.

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Murdoch Books
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Martyna Angell

Blogger, Wholesome Cook

I absolutely adore the passion Neil has for Asian food, and the recipes translate beautifully into a home kitchen. The book is also beautifully presented.