Bottled Beef Tea


  • 1 lb. steak from top of round.
  • Salt.
  • 1 pint cold water.


Prepare the beef as for Bottled Beef Essence. Soak fifteen minutes in the water, and cook three hours same as Bottled Beef Essence. Strain and season. In reheating, care should be taken not to coagulate the juices.

Beef tea contains albuminous juices, salts, and a very small amount of fat (so intermingled with the lean meat that it cannot be removed), together with that part of the meat which gives to it flavor and color. The fibre that remains contains much proteid in the form of insoluble albumen, which could not be extracted. Although the meat is tasteless, it still holds much nutriment, being deprived of but little other than its stimulating properties. When the albuminous juices of beef tea are allowed to coagulate, and tea is strained, it has about the same value as a cup of hot salted water.