Jute Mallow and Garlic-Cilantro Stew with Lamb (or Beef)

Mloukhiyeh bi Lahm (mloo-khee-yee bee lah-him)


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Classic Lebanese Cuisine: 170 Fresh And Healthy Mediterranean Favorites

Classic Lebanese Cuisine

By Kamal Al-Faqih

Published 2009

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My parents had a sunny spot in the yard where these jute plants (mloukhiyeh) grew in the summer. After they were cut, rinsed, and all the water had dried, we would carefully pick the leaves off the stem. My mother would chop them and prepare this exceptional dish of jute mallow steamed with fresh garlic and cilantro in a rich broth, offered with tender chunks of seasoned lamb, red onions, toasted pita, and aromatic basmati rice.


Specialty Ingredients

  • Frozen chopped (not whole leaf) mloukhiyeh (also known as jute or Jew’s mallow), found at specialty markets or online.


    Prepare Ahead

    This dish can be prepared up to 2 days in advance. Refrigerate all the ingredients separately (except the pita chips) until needed. Heat and serve as directed. Prepare the onion topping the same day you are using it.