A Pig in Jelly


‘Cut it into quarters and lay it in your stewpan, put in one calf’s foot and the pig’s feet, a pinch of Rhenish wine, the juice of four lemons and one quart of water, three or four blades of mace, two or three cloves, some salt or a very little piece of lemon peel: stove it or do it over a slow fire two hours; then take it up, lay the pig into the dish you intend it for, then strain the liquor and when the jelly is cold, skim off the fat and leave the fettling at the bottom. Warm the jelly again and pour it over the pig and serve it up cold in the jelly.’

She really intended a sucking pig, or maybe a pigling of six or eight weeks, but the dish is excellent if made with two fillets of pork. It will serve 6–8 people and is very good for a lunch or supper party.