Stewed Lambs’ Kidneys


  • 12 kidneys
  • 2 large Spanish onions
  • 4 large cooking apples (which should be as tart as possible)
  • pints good stock
  • a little thyme, parsley and marjoram or a bouquet garni
  • seasoning
  • flat tablespoon cornflour to thicken
  • seasoned flour
  • 3 oz. (90 g.) butter


This recipe comes originally from Warwickshire, It was a great favourite of an erstwhile mayor of Warwick.

Kidneys must either be cooked quickly for a very short time or slowly for a very long one: in between they will be hard.

This recipe is very rich and the sauce is delicious. Serve with large triangular croutons of very fresh hot toast, at least two croutons to every portion. Allow 3 lambs’ kidneys per person.

Skin the kidneys, cut in halves and remove core, and dip in seasoned flour. Fry the kidneys quickly in about half the butter, put them in a large casserole with lid, add stock and herbs and put in oven to stew gently at 300° F., gas mark 2.

Meanwhile peel and cut up the onions into rings, and the apples each into about 16 pieces. Fry the onions slowly in butter for 5 minutes; then add the apples and fry 5 minutes more.

Add to the kidneys and reduce oven to 250° F., gas mark ½, and leave for

or 5 hours. Before serving, thicken the boiling gravy with the cornflour which you have mixed with a little water, and check the seasoning.