To Stew Mutton or Veal in Broth


‘Chop ye meat in handsome pieces put to it as much water as will cover it well put in a little whole mace pepper and salt, a little nutmeg a bundle of thyme and savory an onion a little ale or strong Beer an Anchovy, put these in when it is near enough [cooked] and also ye top of a manchet grated or a little flour, some capers shred and some samphire if you have it and a little oister pickle.

Lay snippets in ye dish.’

This is a good, simple stew from Thomas Reaveley’s MS. book, Edinburgh, about 1765, which needs no translation. It was thickened either with grated white bread or with flour. The capers are good; the samphire rarely obtainable. Pickled or canned oysters can be used or replaced by mushrooms lightly sautéed.