Apricot Pie

This recipe comes from Adam’s Luxury and Eve’s Cookery, 1744, but is there taken from A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerey, 1545.1 have translated it here as follows.


  • ½ lb. (240 g.) puff pastry
  • 12 large apricots
  • 3 oz. (90 g.) caster sugar
  • 4 egg yolks and 2 whites, well beaten together
  • 2 tablespoons double cream
  • 1 egg white to glaze


Steam rather than boil the apricots with some of the sugar until very soft. Then mash them with the rest of the sugar, removing any large bits of skin, and allow to get cold. Line a large tin or plate with half the pastry. When the apricots are cold beat in the eggs and cream, fill the tart, put on the lid, brush with white of egg and sugar, and bake at 450° F., gas mark 8, for 10 minutes and then reduce heat to 350° F., gas mark 4, for a further 10. Place foil lightly over the pastry if it begins to brown too much.