24 Banderillas (Tapas on Cocktail Sticks)


Wrap cubes of Gallia or Honeydew melon in serrano ham, then secure with a toothpick, adding a quarter of fresh fig to the end. To make 12 takes about 115 g / 4 oz ham and 3 ripe figs.

Try spearing a piece of asparagus, 3 capers and a piece of tuna canned in olive oil or skewer a gherkin, cocktail onion and a pitted black olive with a raw floret of cauliflower or a piece of canned pimiento.

Wrap a cube of Idiaz†bal smoked cheese with an anchovy fillet and add a cherry tomato, fixing them together with a cocktail stick. You will need about 170 g / 6 oz cheese and 140 g / 5 oz tomatoes to make 12.

Gildas are a combination of rolled anchovy fillets, pitted olives and pickled green chilli.