2139 Langouste à la Parisienne

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Le Guide Culinaire

By Auguste Escoffier

Published 1903

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Carefully tie a live crawfish to a board with its tail stretched out flat. Place into boiling Vinegar Court-bouillon and cook; allow to cool in its cooking liquid and when quite cold remove the flesh from the tail by either of the following ways:

  1. Remove the membrane from underneath the tail, cutting close to the shell on either side.
  2. Use scissors to cut 2 parallel fines about 4 cm (1⅜ in) apart down the tail and remove the strip of shell.

Take out the tail carefully keeping it in one piece; cut into even-shaped fairly thick slices and trim. Decorate each with a slice of truffle and coat well with cold Fish Aspic Jelly.

Remove the creamy parts and any flesh from the carapace; cut this flesh and the trimmings from the prepared slices into small dice and add to a Vegetable Salad; pass the creamy parts through a fine sieve and add to a Sauce Mayonnaise to which a little cold melted aspic jelly has been added; mix the Vegetable Salad with the Mayonnaise.

Fill the required number of medium-sized artichoke bottoms, dome shape with the salad; place a small round of truffle on top of each and when set because of the jelly in the Mayonnaise, coat with Fish Aspic Jelly.

Fill the empty shell of the crawfish with a coarse Julienne of lettuce and then place it with its head upwards on a wedge-shaped base made of bread or carved rice set on the serving dish; it should be poised at an angle of about 45 degrees. Place the prepared slices of crawfish overlapping along the back of the filled shell, starting with the largest at the head and graduating them according to size. Surround the base with the artichoke bottoms, alternating with quarters or halves of hard-boiled eggs set upright with the yolks showing, or with hard-boiled eggs prepared as barrels and filled with the same salad as used for the artichokes.

Surround the dish with fancy shapes of clear Fish Aspic Jelly.

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