3295 Nonettes de Poulet Agnès Sorel


Truss 12 buntings en Entrée and brown them quickly in butter.

Take the Suprêmes from 12 spring chickens, remove any sinew and lightly flatten them. Place each 2 Suprêmes side by side so as to obtain a largish flat surface. In the middle of each of these place one of the prepared buntings, wrap around and tie up as for Paupiettes.

Place these Paupiettes in a buttered shallow pan and when required for service, coat with 125 g ( oz) very hot melted butter; season lightly and cook in a hot oven.

When cooked, remove the string and place each Nonette on a square Croûton of bread, hollowed out, fried in butter and filled with foie gras purée. Coat lightly with buttered chicken glaze and squeeze a drop of lemon juice on each Nonette.