Lemon Cream Ice for Little Norwegian Ices


Put in a stewpan one pint of new milk with four ounces of castor sugar and the very finely-chopped peel of two lemons that have been entirely freed from pith; bring to the boil, simmer for about five minutes, then strain it on to the raw yolks of eight eggs; return the mixture to the stove and stir it on the fire till thick, but the custard must not boil; rub it through a hair sieve or tammy cloth, put it aside till cold, then pour it into the charged freezer and freeze it to the consistency of a batter; add to it the strained juice of two large or three small lemons, half a wineglassful of Silver Rays (white) rum, and half a pint of whipped cream; refreeze, and fill any little fancy shapes with it; put them on the bottom of the charged ice cave for about one hour, then dip each separately into cold water, turn out, and use.