Fancy Ices

By Agnes B. Marshall

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There’s nothing quite like an ice cream on a hot summer day and the same could be said in 1894, when A.B. Marshall wrote her loving ode to frozen desserts, Fancy Ices. Sorbets in every variety are outlined along with maraschino mousse and vallombrosa strawberry cream.

from the publisher

Written by cookbook writer, cooking school owner, and ice cream mold entrepreneur A.B. Marshall, this work covers, in-depth, the many varieties of cold and frozen desserts, as well as desserts requiring molding or refrigeration. With 30 pages of advertisements. The first edition was published in 1894.

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Regula Ysewijn

Food photographer, writer and graphic designer

A glorious book on ice puddings by one of the two ladies fit to carry their contemporary Mrs Beeton's crown. Mrs Marshall can not be missed from this list, I would add her MRs A.B Marshall's Cookery Book too if I had the space.