Tolstoi Soufflés

Petits Soufflés à la Tolstoi (Savoury)


Take one pint of hot rich brown gravy and dissolve in it a teaspoonful of Liebig Company’s extract of meat and half an ounce of Marshall’s Finest Leaf Gelatine; add to it a quarter of a pint of sherry, two tablespoonfuls of Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoonful of French mustard, and a good dust of Marshall’s Coralline Pepper. Take the meat from a cooked lobster, and pound it with six boned anchovies and six raw sauce oysters with their liquor; then add the purée to the other ingredients and rub all through a fine hair sieve. When it is beginning to cool mix with it a quarter-pint of very stiffly-whipped cream, stir together carefully, then put the mixture into a forcing bag with a plain pipe, and with it fill some little china or paper cases that have been surrounded with little bands of foolscap paper standing two inches above the rims of the cases; put them in the charged ice cave for one hour; then take up, remove the paper bands, and by means of a forcing bag with a large rose pipe garnish the tops with savoury cream prepared, and sprinkle the top of the cream with a little finely-chopped raw green parsley and Coralline Pepper. Serve for a savoury or second-course dish, or for ball supper &c.