Greek Sorbet

Sorbet à la Grecque


Put into a stewpan the very finely cut peel of six large or eight small oranges with half a pound of loaf sugar, two bay-leaves, a crushed stick of cinnamon about two inches long, and four cloves; pour over these one and a half pints of boiling water; put the pan on the stove, bring the contents to the boil, then remove the pan and set it aside till the mixture is quite cold; strain the juice from the oranges, and add to it the above mixture with the juice of two lemons; then rub the whole through a clean tammy-cloth and mix with the purée a wineglassful of curaçao liqueur or syrup and a wineglassful of ginger brandy; then pour it into the charged freezing machine and freeze to a thick consistency. Mix into this two ounces of preserved ginger, one ounce of uncrystallised angelica, and one ounce of dried cherries or brochettes which have all been cut up into small dice shapes; refreeze together in the freezing machine, and then fill up some of the prepared ice-water cups with it; sprinkle the tops with some finely-shredded blanched orange peel that is flavoured with a little liqueur, and on the peel sprinkle a little blanched and finely-shredded pistachios (see recipe). These should be handed one to each person after the remove at a dinner party, and can also be used for dessert ice.