Iced Cocoa


Take one quart of new milk that has been brought to the boil with two ounces of castor sugar. Put into a basin two good tablespoonfuls of Fry’s Pure Concentrated Cocoa; mix with it by degrees half a pint of cold water, and when it is of the consistency of a smooth paste mix into it the boiling milk, and stir it on the fire till it is boiling; then strain it through a pointed strainer and put it aside till cold. Freeze it in the charged freezer to the consistency of a thick batter; then when ready to serve three parts fill some small cups or glasses with it, and place on the top of each about a dessertspoonful of snow cream, sprinkling on this a little coffee sugar that is lightly coloured with a few drops of Marshall’s Carmine. Serve for garden parties, ball suppers, &c.