Crystallized Flowers

These are most attractive either by themselves or when used as decorations for other sweets and puddings. Flowers should be picked on a dry sunny day when the dew has dried from them— choose violets, primroses, roses and the blossom of plums, apples and cherries and pears. Not all flowers are edible so do not be tempted to experiment unless you are certain the flower is not poisonous.


  • whole flowers or flower petals
  • 1 oz. gum arabic
  • triple strength rose water
  • caster sugar


Put the gum arabic into a small bowl and cover with the rosewater. Leave for 24 hours. When the gum arabic has melted, carefully paint it over each flower petal, using a fine paint brush. Make sure that the petals are completely coated on both sides. Sprinkle all over with caster sugar, and store carefully laid on layers of greaseproof paper.