250 Pirozhki stuffed with smoked pork fat, another way*

Shpek-kukhen drugim manerom


Finely chop 1 pound of smoked pork fat. Mix with a finely chopped onion, black pepper, allspice, dill, 1 raw egg, and, if desired, a little marjoram. Prepare a yeast dough (see Chapter 8) and form into small buns, stuffing them with the prepared filling. Take 1 glass of melted butter, dip each little bun into the butter, and place them side by side in a saucepan, one next to another. Cover the pan and, when the buns have risen, place in a hot oven. Serve them turned out onto a platter.

*Horst Scharfenberg, a contemporary writer on German cookery, gives a recipe that is similar to Molokhovets’ called Courland Bacon Rolls, Courland being a stretch of the Baltic coastline. The finishing of the rolls is different, however. Whereas Molokhovets dipped hers in melted butter before the rising and baking, Scharfenberg paints his with beaten egg yolks and sprinkles them with caraway seeds. (See Scharfenberg, The Cuisines of Germany, 129.)