1116 Herring with olive oil and vinegar for hors d’oeuvre*

Seledka s provanskim maslom i uksusom, podavaemaja k zakuske


  • Soak 2 Dutch or Scottish herring in water or, preferably, milk, kvass, or beer. Remove the heads and tails, clean, wash, and slit them lengthwise. Separate the meat from the bones and put both halves together again. Cut into diagonal pieces and arrange them on a plate. Attach the cut-off heads and tails, which have had the tip ends cut off. Pound the soft roe in a mortar with 1 spoon fresh butter and rub through a fine sieve. Add nutmeg and turn the mixture out onto the table. Shape into a flat rectangle and cut it into thin strips. Surround the herring with the strips and garnish with a boiled, attractively cut potato and beet and pour on 2 spoons olive oil. If desired, sprinkle the top with white and green onions. The herring may also be garnished with capers and various pickles.
  • Soak herring in water for about 3 hours, and then for about 2 hours in raw milk, or even boiled milk that has been cooled, or in tea.

    Clean the herring, slit them lengthwise, remove the backbones, and put both halves together, or place each half separately on an oblong plate. Slice diagonally, attach the heads and tails, and pour on ¼ spoon vinegar mixed with 1 spoon olive oil. Sprinkle with greens.

  • Or slice the herring as indicated above and surround with vegetables as follows: Place small saffron milk-cap mushrooms on opposite sides of the herring and on the other two sides, arrange peeled, halved, and sliced salted cucumbers and a baked beet, sliced in the same manner. Add green onions in two other places, then green capers. Pour olive oil and vinegar over everything and strew with finely chopped greens.
  • Peel and slice a beet, as indicated in the beginning. Pour mustard sauce over it, prepared as follows: Using a small wooden spatula, mix in a teacup 1 teaspoon prepared Sareptskaja mustard, a little salt, and ¼ teaspoon olive oil. When the mustard thickens, add ¼ teaspoon vinegar. Mix, add ¼ teaspoon olive oil and more vinegar. Continue to the end, always mixing with the small spatula until there is ¼ cup or more of sauce. Then pour it over the herring and serve.
  • Surround one side of a cleaned and sliced herring with white sliced onions and the other side with sliced potatoes. Pour on olive oil and vinegar.

*The phrase “for hors d’oeuvre” was not part of the title in the first edition.