• 1⅓ glasses fine sugar
  • ½ glass melted butter
  • ½ glass milk
  • 1 glass fine wheat flour
  • ½ glass cornmeal
  • 5–6 eggs
  • 1 glass sweet almonds or coconut
  • ¼–½ glass syrup
  • 2 teaspoons dry yeast


Mix together as well as possible 1 glass each fine sugar and fine wheat flour, ½ glass each melted butter, milk, and cornmeal, and 2 teaspoons dry yeast dissolved in the aforementioned milk. Add 5–6 beaten egg whites and bake in two shallow tin pans greased with butter and strewn with rusk crumbs. Stack the layers on a platter, one on top of the other, and sprinkle with grated coconut or ground almond paste mixed with wild strawberry or raspberry syrup to form a thick paste. Spread 3 egg whites beaten with glass fine sugar over the top and brown briefly in the oven. To serve, pour on raspberry or wild strawberry jam.

*The title given here comes from the Table of Contents, but none is provided with the recipe itself