1137 Pudding made from cookies and rusks

Puding iz biskvitov i sukharej


  • 10 cookies
  • 10 round homemade rusks
  • ¼ glass raisins
  • ¼ glass almonds
  • cinnamon
  • 6 eggs
  • glass sugar
  • 2 glasses cream
  • ½ spoon butter
  • 1 full spoon rusk crumbs


Cut into several pieces about 10 homemade* or confectionary shop (kanditerskij) cookies and about 10 homemade round rusks. Prepare a syrup from glass sugar and 1 glass water, add ¼ glass each large raisins and shelled grated almonds, and let the syrup stand for at least ½ hour. Grease a saucepan with butter and strew with crumbs. Line the bottom with a layer of cookies and pour on the prepared syrup. Add a layer of rusks, again syrup, another layer of cookies, and finish with a layer of rusks. Beat 6 egg yolks with 2 glasses cream, sprinkle on a little cinnamon, and pour over the pudding. Bake for an hour in an oven that is not too hot. To serve, turn out onto a platter and pour on syrup or cover with a meringue prepared from the leftover egg whites beaten and mixed with 3 spoons sugar. Set in the oven for about 10 minutes. To serve, decorate with jam.

Extra syrup will be needed for serving or, if covering the pudding with meringue, an additional ½ glass sugar and ¼ glass jam for mixing with the egg whites.

*By homemade cookies, Molokhovets meant the following: Beat 6 egg yolks with 6 teaspoons sugar, fold in 6 beaten egg whites, and gradually add 6 teaspoons potato flour. Bake in paper casings.