1236 Ordinary pancakes, otherwise known as crêpes*

Bliny obyknovennye, inache blinchiki


For Crêpes #a

  • 3 glasses milk, or 1 ordinary bottle
  • 2 glasses flour
  • 2 eggs
  • salt
  • ¼ lb butter to fry crêpes

For Crêpes #b

  • 2 glasses, or lb, flour
  • glasses milk
  • 4–5 eggs
  • salt
  • lb butter
  • (¼ lb butter to fry crêpes)
  • (sugar or jam)


(Proportions for 6–8 persons)

  • Mix until smooth 2 eggs and 2 glasses flour and gradually add 3 glasses milk and some salt. Strew a skillet with salt, heat it, and wipe with a towel. Grease with refined oil or a piece of pork fat, reheat the pan, pour on 1 spoon batter to cover the bottom of the skillet, and place on top of the stove. When the pancake begins to rise, loosen it from the skillet and remove it after it has cooked on one side. Grease the skillet with a feather, pour in more batter, etc. These crêpes are served with any kind of filling, such as meat, farmer’s cheese, etc. Crêpes must be thoroughly fried on both sides before being used for any kind of round loaf (karavaj) or pudding.
  • To serve crêpes for dinner without filling and with only sugar and jam, prepare the batter from 4–5 eggs or 4–5 egg yolks with the whites beaten separately. Add 2 glasses flour, 2 ½ glasses milk, and salt. Fry the crêpes in a skillet and, after all have been fried, fold each into quarters and refry. ¼ lb butter, beaten until white, may be added to these crêpes. In that case fry the crêpes on both sides in small skillets. To serve, sprinkle with fine sugar scraped with lemon zest or serve with jam.

These proportions will yield about 20 crêpes.

*Blinchiki are similar to French crêpes. They are very thin unleavened pancakes that may be filled or not, according to circumstances. Filled blinchiki are known as blintzes among the American Jewish community.