Ingredients (for 6 persons)

  • 4–5 egg whites
  • ½ lb, or1 glass, sugar
  • 1⅓ glass thick cream
  • ½ glass sugar and vanilla
  • fruits, jelly, etc.


Beat 8–10 egg whites into a foam, sprinkle on 1 lb finely sieved sugar, and mix thoroughly. Cut out several paper circles, fold a piece of paper into a tube, fill with the beaten egg whites, and cut off the sharp end of the tube. Press out the beaten egg whites around the edge of the circles, making a kind of wreath, and cover one circle entirely with egg whites, about one-half a finger thick. Place in the summer oven. After the meringues have dried out, remove the circles from the oven and carefully detach the rings from the paper. Arrange them one on top of the other on a platter and fill the interior with whipped cream made by beating with a whisk 4 glasses very thick cream over ice and sprinkling on ½ lb sugar with vanilla. Place the single filled disk of meringue on top and decorate with fruits, jelly, etc.

*The French name for this confection is vacherin; often fresh berries are folded into the whipped cream filling