2159 Maraschino* liqueur

Liker maraskin


Pour into a carboy 5 bottles raspberry water, bottles cherry water, bottles orange flower water, 15 lbs sugar, and 5–6 bottles of very strong grain spirits, distilled over coals. Cork, tar, and set in the larder for 6 months. Then carefully decant into another carboy and filter the sediment through a flannel into a separate bottle.

Liqueur from arctic brambleberries (Rubus arcticus)** is prepared like Raspberry liqueur. It may be obtained ready-made at Chesnokov’s store, 29 Great Konjushennaja Street.

*The name of this liqueur comes from marasca, Italian for the morello cherry.

**For more on this elusive northern berry which seems to defy cultivation, see Forsell, Berries, 48–51.