2342 Apple cheese* with honey

Syr jablochnyj s medom


Peel and core sour apples, cut into pieces, place in a clay pot, and cover with a lid. Seal with dough or simply cover with a wet, clean cloth and bake in the oven. Rub through a fine sieve. For every glass of apple purée, add 1 glass honey or sugar. Cook, constantly stirring, until the mixture thickens and pulls away from the spoon. Five minutes before the apples have finished cooking, add finely chopped preserved orange peel, some ground cloves or cinnamon, and if desired, ginger and allspice. Mix thoroughly, wrap in a damp napkin, tie the napkin with string, and place under a press. After two days the cheese will be ready. Store in a dry place and wipe it occasionally with a dry towel to prevent mold from appearing.

*This recipe resembles the family of English fruit cheeses that reduce a large amount of fruit to a fairly small quantity of semi-solid fruit pulp. Its odd name, therefore, may derive as much from the method of preparation as from the fact that the final product is served in slices or wedges, like cheese.