3037b Laberdan*



Peel 30 boiled potatoes, cool, and chop fine. Mix with 2 chopped herring or lb dried, boiled, and chopped white mushrooms. Add green and white onions, dilute slightly with fish or mushroom bouillon, and mix. Form into an oblong bun and pour on mustard sauce with pickles, small mushrooms, finely chopped salted cucumbers, and finely chopped onions, which are essential (use 1 glass in all).

*Laberdan, a corruption of Aberdeen, is the name of a particularly fine salt cod, the process for which was first developed in that Scottish seaport. (Fitzgibbon, Food of the Western World, 243.) This recipe is interesting in that Molokhovets adopted the name but did not use salt cod or even specify Scottish herring.