Bisque de Crevettes aux Quenelles

Shrimp Bisque with Quenelles


Peel 7 or 8 of the raw shrimp in the preceding recipe, devein, and set aside. Add the shells to the bisque at the time the unshelled shrimp are added. When these shrimp are done, cool, shell, devein, and freeze to use later. The cooked shrimp are not used in this recipe. Follow preceding recipe for completing bisque.

Blot the raw shrimp with paper towels to absorb the moisture. Put into blender container. Add 2 egg whites, 2 tablespoons crème fraîche, 2 tablespoons minced parsley or black truffles, and dash of salt and pepper. Whirl on low speed, then blend to a paste on the highest speed of the blender. This is quenelle mixture. Poach quenelles in chicken broth. for details.

Add the quenelles to the finished bisque, heat and serve in tureen.