Lobster in Lobster Sauce

Few things are more glorious than lobster steamed in butter and served with just its cooking juices. If the lobster is very fresh, it needs nothing except this aromatic vegetable support for the sauce, and maybe a little fresh chervil. The “bodies” are the part the legs are attached to.


  • 2 2-pound live Maine lobsters, prepared as in Method 1 and lobster meat removed, keeping the meat, lobster shells, lobster fat, bodies, legs, and juices
  • 2 tablespoons peanut or canola oil
  • ¼ cup white wine
  • ½ cup aromatic vegetable mix
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme flowers
  • 1 sprig fresh tarragon
  • 4 cups fish or shellfish stock
  • 8 tablespoons French (Normandy) butter Coral from the lobster if available
  • ¼ cup chopped tomato
  • 2 tablespoons fresh chervil leaves, chopped


Pound and crack the lobster shells and cut up the bodies. Heat the vegetable oil in a large saucepan and when the oil is hot add the shells and bodies. Cook over high heat, stirring constantly, for 5 to 10 minutes, or until the shells are totally red. Turn down the heat and let the pan cool for 2 minutes, then pour the wine into the pan and cook another 5 minutes.

Add the lobster juices, vegetable mix, and herbs and cook another 5 minutes, stirring all the time. Then add the stock and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to a simmer, and skim off any scum that rises to the surface of the stock. Simmer for 45 minutes. Strain, and force all the juices out of the debris in the strainer.

Simmer the strained lobster stock until it is reduced to 1 cup of liquid.

Cut the lobster in serving portions, slicing the claw meat lengthwise so that there are two complete claw halves, and the tail meat across the tail into ½-inch-thick medallions.

While the stock is reducing, mix the butter with the coral (and any of the fat from the shells) and keep cold. Ten minutes before serving, cut the butter into 8 pieces. Bring the lobster stock to a simmer, add the tomatoes, and whisk the butter pieces one at a time into the simmering reduced lobster stock until dissolved. Strain the sauce through a very fine sieve and keep hot, but never boiling. Warm the lobster tail meat in the sauce for 1 minute. Lift it out and put it on a heated flat serving dish. Then add the claw and knuckle meat and pour the hot sauce over the lobster. Sprinkle the lobster with the chopped chervil.