Yorkshire Pudding


Take three ounces of flour, two eggs, a good quarter of a pint of milk, two ounces of dripping, a quarter of an ounce of Borwick’s baking powder; mix the flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, and a pinch of salt well together into a batter, put the two ounces of dripping into a baking tin and make it quite hot, pour in the batter and cook at once in front of the fire under the meat, occasionally turning the tin round, or it may be baked in a quick oven under the meat, if that is being baked, for fifteen to twenty minutes; it will take considerably longer in front of the fire. When cooked, cut it in squares about two inches in diameter, and dish up on a napkin or dish-paper in a hot dish en couronne. The quantities given are for a baking tin about ten inches long by six broad; if a smaller tin be used, the pudding will be too thick.