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'Swipe-to-Browse' – explore any cookbook from cover to cover

Cookbooks are so much more than just the recipes they contain. While it is great to be able to search ckbk for specific recipes, we know that many cookbook lovers also enjoy the serendipity of browsing through a cookbook and coming across recipe ideas they would never have considered. What’s more, many cookbooks contain fascinating cultural background, personal history, reference information, and guidance on key techniques, in addition to the recipe content.

Until now, although this content has been available on ckbk, it has required a bit of digging to find it. But we’re excited to announce our new Swipe-to-Browse feature, available to ckbk Premium Members, on the website and in the ckbk app (on iOS and Android).

If you are looking at any recipe on a phone or tablet, you can simply swipe forwards or backwards to look at the previous or next recipe, and to browse from cover to cover through the full content of the book.


The new feature is a great way to flick back and forth to find other recipes in the same chapter, and it also helps to make the reference content in many ckbk titles, such as Wild Food by Roger Phillips, much easier to get to.


The arrow keys work, too! ⬅️ ➡️

If you are using a computer with a keyboard, don’t worry – we’ve thought of that, too. You can now use the left and right arrow keys at any time to skip through each chapter.

You can also still use the CONTENTS button, which appears on every book page and recipe page, to pull up a full list of the chapters and content within any book, such as The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook, below.


Extra search filters to help find quick and easy recipes

‘Swipe-to-Browse’ isn’t the only new feature to be rolled out on ckbk this month. We continue to work on enhancements to our search feature to make it easier to track down just the right dish from ckbk’s collection, which now includes almost 110,000 recipes.

You may be looking for an impressive dish for a special occasion, or you may be after something quick and simple to get on the table without any fuss. The ‘Complexity’ filter has now been extended to include two additional options, allowing you to find dishes that will be ready in 30 minutes, and/or that contain no more than 5 ingredients.


We hope you enjoy these new features. Please get in touch with any feedback or suggestions.


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