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NEW FEATURE: Ratings, reviews and private notes — make ckbk your culinary notebook!

We’re excited to announce a major new set of features for ckbk users: you can now share your experiences with other members of the ckbk community with star ratings, reviews, questions and answers, and private notes. Here’s a guide to the new functionality, which is now available on the ckbk website and via the iOS and Android ckbk apps.

Star ratings

Just click on the stars at the top right of every recipe on ckbk to instantly add your own star rating, highlighting top-quality dishes for other users.


How did you get on when cooking a recipe? Did you run into any issues? Do you have suggestions for interesting variations, or tips for adapting the recipe to suit specific dietary needs? Go ahead and add a review to share your thoughts with other users of ckbk.


Questions & Answers

Puzzled by a recipe and need some advice? Post a question on any recipe to benefit from the experience of fellow members of ckbk’s community of cooks. You may even get a response from the author, or a fellow chef!
And if you see a question from a ckbk user you can help with, go ahead and add your answer as a response.


I Cooked This

Now it’s easy to keep track of what you’ve already cooked on ckbk, and which recipes you have still to try. Every recipe now has an I Cooked This button. After you select it, you can optionally also add a rating and/or review. You can even help us to improve ckbk, by telling us how easy or difficult you found the recipe.

As you cook more recipes, in the future we will let you know when you hit key milestones, allowing you to progress from plongeur to chef de cuisine, and giving recognition to the most active members of the ckbk community.


My Notes

If you cook a recipe often, you may want to add your own notes to keep track of tweaks and variations. With ckbk, there’s no need for Post-it notes or scribbles in the margins – just use the new My Notes feature. Anything entered here is a private note, for your eyes only!


Find the top-rated recipes for any search on ckbk

Reviews and star ratings are taken into account as factors, in order to show you the best matches when you search. We’ve also added additional sorting options so you can reorder your search to find the recipes with the highest average star rating, the most star ratings, or the most reviews.


We hope you’ll enjoy ckbk’s new community features, and look forward to seeing your ratings, reviews and questions. If you have further suggestions for additional features you would like to see, please get in touch!


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