Larks Crumbed and Roasted

Mauviettes panées


Prepare the birds as in the recipe, put in each a little piece of the seasoning prepared as below, then brush each over with beaten up raw yolk of egg and warm butter mixed together, and after that roll each in browned breadcrumbs, skewer and roast them as in the last recipe, occasionally and carefully basting them with butter. Dish on the toast in a similar manner to above arranged round the dish, and serve with fried potato straws in the centre. Prepare a seasoning for twelve birds with a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, a tablespoonful of chopped parsley, two hard boiled yolks of egg rubbed through a wire sieve, one eschalot chopped fine, one ounce of browned breadcrumbs and one ounce of fresh washed and chopped mushrooms, a little pepper and salt, all mixed well together, and use a piece about the size of a large filbert for each bird.