Potatoes à l’Italienne

Pommes de Terre, à l’Italienne


Peel and plainly boil some new potatoes, and when they are cold cut them in slices about one eighth of an inch thick, and arrange some of these in a deep buttered pie dish in a round; sprinkle them with finely chopped parsley, a little finely chopped eschalot, and a little chopped lean ham or tongue, and then with a little grated Parmesan cheese, and put about two tablespoonfuls of thick Veloute sauce in the centre; repeat the arrangement till the dish is full, and cover all over the top layer with more sauce, so that the whole is masked over; sprinkle the top with grated Parmesan cheese, stand the dish in a tin containing boiling water, and cook in the oven till a pretty golden colour, which will take about fifteen minutes in a quick oven; take up and garnish round the edge with a little border of chopped tongue or ham, with here and there on the border little bunches of chopped parsley.